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Faith de las Personas

Paul Giguere | Cuernavaca, Morales, Mexico

Gloria has spent much of her life as a community leader fighting for the rights of her neighborhood. In retirement, she owns a tortilla business.

The media’s portrayal of Mexico focuses on the drug violence, immigration issues, etc. It is a continuing sign of the failure of the media to diversify their coverage of international issues and to focus on root cause problems instead of headline-grabbing incidents. Working with the Benedictine Sisters at the Guadalupe Center, I visited several townships which are settlements of people, living in poverty, not officially recognized by the government and thus are ineligible for public services. Over a period of 16 years, one of the oldest townships had transformed itself. The small dwellings with salvaged steel for roofs which I had seen on my first visit in 1994 had been replaced with formally constructed homes in 2010. There were paved roads, electricity, and, most importantly, public bus routes. The township, through political involvement, activism, and community cohesiveness had brought many of these changes about on their own. My hope is this project will help to bring attention to the issues faced by the indigenous people of Mexico and to highlight the positive aspects and results that community-based approaches can achieve.

Paul Giguere is a photographer based in the United States. His current focus is on social documentary photographic projects that show the positive aspects of the human condition while helping others tell their stories through words and pictures.

- Benedictine Sisters at the Misioneras Guadalupanas de Cristo Rey (Guadalupe Center) of Cuernavaca, Mexico

- Benedictine Monks of the Weston Priory, Vermont, USA

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