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Photographer: Lihee Avidan
Title: Rooms
Location: Israel

“The most difficult thing is the violence. Sometimes, in the rooms they are really killing us, but we don’t have a choice as this is the world we have to survive in. Usually they play nice when they stand in the door and then, when I let them in they’ll start beating me, choking, and then we have to save each other. Tania works with me next door. Once someone was choking me and I screamed to her to come and pull him off me. We never lock the door when we’re with a client. The police don’t help - they prefer confronting the prostitutes instead of the men who try to hurt us. Once I called the police, it took them 15 minutes to arrive. I ran outside naked and shivering but they didn’t take me seriously. When they called a few days later I didn't talk to them - why would I?”

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