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An ancient religion. The spread of witchcraft in Burkina Faso.

Roberto Nistri | Burkina Faso

In the cities of Burkina Faso, the prevailing housing architecture is represented by small single-storey houses, which refer to the aesthetics and social organization of rural villages. The spread of witchcraft even in the cities reflects this social organization which preserves its tribal bases.

In Burkina Faso it is said that 50% of the population is Muslim, 30% Christian and 100% animist. In the African country this ancient religion, interwoven with often bloody magical rituals, plays an important role in the life of ordinary people. Especially of the many who live in rural areas, which represent most of the territory of what is considered one of the poorest African countries. An underground and dark world that continues to thrive, challenging any process of modernization of the country from the point of view of human rights. A process that has been arrested for some time after the end of the revolution attempted in the country in the 1980s by President Thomas Sankarà. And today, uncertainty in the future, a dramatic consequence of the spread of jihadist violence and of a further worsening of the economic and social situation caused by the severe climate crisis affecting the country, is pushing increasingly large sections of the population to seek forms of security through practices. magical-religious.

An International Photography Awards Winner is a Roman graduated in Biological Sciences, who has transformed since more than twenty years his passion for photography into a career. At the beginning as a ”pure and hard ” wildlife photographer. Then, extending his professional prospects to travel and documentary photography. In his many travels he has focused on the documentation of ethnic groups and peoples who are threatened by progress and by particular political and social conditions, in recent years in Ethiopia, Kenya, India, North Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Burkina Faso and Lebanon.




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