Mathare Slum, Nairobi, Kenya.

Roberto Nistri 0393384670822 Italy

Topics of Focus

Nature and documentary photography


An International Photography Awards Winner is a Roman graduated in Biological Sciences, who has transformed since more than twenty years his passion for photography into a career. At the beginning as a ”pure and hard ” wildlife photographer. Then, extending his professional prospects to travel and documentary photography. In his many travels he has focused on the documentation of ethnic groups and peoples who are threatened by progress and by particular political and social conditions, in recent years in Ethiopia, Kenya, India, North Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Burkina Faso and Lebanon. He has made the long-term photographic project “In the Wild World of Writers,” for which he took with a “naturalistic ” attitude a large number of portraits of the most famous Italian narrators and storytellers. The project became an exhibition that opened in November 2013 to Palaexpo of Rome. It is soon to be exhibited in other major Italian and European locations, and enclosed in a book published by Palombi Editori. He is recently (December, 2013) the winner of the award “Best Single Image in a Portfolio (Vanishing Cultures & Emerging) and of Portfolio (Monochromal) of “Travel Photographer Of The Year Awards 2013”. He has contributes in July 2014 at Royal Photographic Society, International Print Exhibition157, in London and in others four locations in the UK. Third place, “Professional” People Life Style category in Moscow International Foto Awards ’14 Competition.

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