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Young teenagers collect cockles in the early hours in Praia Grande. Almost everybody helps in the family economy in this small village of fishermen. Children play an essential role in keeping the family fed. Cockle picking is also a social event. It is an opportunity for keeping the village issues up to date.

Luiz Santos

photofreedom@hotmail.com 00 447733266863 United Kingdom


Luiz Santos is a photojournalist based in London and Brazil and has been working independently for some years producing stories in Brazil,  the Middle East, The EUA, Europe and Africa - He is graduated in Global Politics and International Relations (University of London) and has a MA in Documentary Photography (London College of Communications/University of the Arts)

Luiz Santos is the recipient of the Endframe Award - Promoted by The British Journal of Photography/Nikon and has exhibited consistently in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and China.

For four years Santos documented the influences of the Yoruba culture in Bahia/Brazil as well as the vibrant aspect of this culture in Nigeria. This project, entitled THE BOOK OF THE GODS, was exhibited in the United Kingdom in four occasions, and it is now being considered for publication.

Santos is represented by John Easterby, ex-Magnum and IPG.