In Mongolia, July 2022.

Daniel Miller

United States


I bought my first camera, a Canon FTB, in November 1974 just before going to Nepal as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  I have been using Canon cameras ever since, but now primarily use an iPhone.

I am currently "retired" and live in Wyoming.  I moved here in January 2020 after spending the previous three years living and working in Mongolia.  Previously, I lived and worked in Pakistan, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, India, Afghanistan, China, Bhutan, and Nepal.  My work involves designing and managing agriculture, economic growth, rural development, and conservation projects.  My work provides me the opportunity to travel to interesting areas.,

I have a Master degree in Forestry from the University of Montana, Missoula, Montana, and am trained as a rangeland ecologist.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota and worked for many years as a cowboy in Montana and my personal and professional interest is with the wildlife and nomadic pastoralists of the Himalaya, Tibetan Plateau, and Mongolian Steppe, and with cowboys and ranchers in the American West.  I have used photography to help illustrate my work among nomads and in ranching communities in the United States.  A photographic essay, Drokpa: Nomads of the Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya, with 108 black and white images, was published as a book in 2008 by Vajra Publications, Kathmandu, Nepal  I have self-published many photographic books on

Prints are available for exhibition, publication, or sale. 

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