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Javad Maktabi

maktabi_javad@yahoo.com +989128040615 Iran


It’s a pleasure to introduce myself. I am Mohammad Javad Maktabi form Gorgan, Golestan, Iran. I am 33 years old (born in 15th August 1985), I graduated in Bachelor of Photojournalism and work as chief-editor of Golshan-e-Mehr local journal now. The followings are part of my photography resume:
I’ve attended and ranked in several national festivals such as:
• Qualification for commendation at several photography festivals in Iran
• One of the seven youth talents of the Sheed festival
• Only selected participant in Sheed 2015 festival
• Ranked 3th in Tabriz Documentary Festival
• Ranked in the second place of Isfahan Kind Hands Festival
• Ranked in the third place in the festival of I love life in Golestan
• Photograph selected for photo of the year celebration
• And more than ten provincial rankings such as top ranked photojournalist in several competitions in Golestan province

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