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SDN Documentary Prize


Fausto Podavini | Italy

Mirella is the story of a woman, a mother, a wife, a grandmother.

Mirella is 71 years old, she spent 43 years of her life with the only person she loved.

43 years of sharing, difficulties, laughs and beautiful moments: a family, a house, values handed down. In the last 6 years something changed, Mirella had to fight against her husband’s illness, the Alzheimer.

She devoted her life to him.

She became his caregiver looking forward with devotion, strength and love… as long as there is life there is hope…even if memories are slowly wasted day by day relentlessly.

Mirella is the love story of a woman for her husband, a woman suddenly forced to face on her own the biggest difficulty experienced, made by hopes and unbelief, pain and resignation, sorrow and powerlessness.

Mirella spent her life next her husband, she never abandoned him; not an hospital, not external assistance until his last day, he died with immense pain in his house between his loved ones.

He died in the same house where they spent together their whole life.

 Fausto Podavini



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