The beginning of the Dance of the Bears.

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In the Land of the Bears

Vicentiu Burlacu | Romania

With a population of nearly 8000, Romania is home to half of Europe's bears. Bears have been present, mainly in the mountainous regions, for thousands of years, sustained by regulations on hunting.

Between Christmas and the New Year, in several villages in the north-east of Romania, villagers dance to the rhythm of the drums and flutes, dressed in bear hides, some weighing up to 40 kg. The bear has long been considered a sacred animal with healing powers. The Dance of the Bears, an ancestral folk tradition, symbolises the death and rebirth of the year.

Over the last fifteen years bears have increasingly been fed by humans. Once this becomes a habit, the bears associate humans with food. Zoologists, NGOs and hunters are not able to agree upon who is responsable for bears in Romania. In the meantime, in the absence of concrete authoritative measures, accidents are frequent, and both humans and bears suffer.

Born in Romania and nurtured in the City of Light, Paris, Vicentiu Burlacu is a passionate and talented photographer. In 2021, he proudly completed his bachelor's degree in photography in Paris, marking the beginning of his remarkable career in the world of photography.

Vicentiu's specialty lies in photoreportage, an art form that allows him to capture the most authentic and captivating stories. His photographs evoke the essence of humanity, interpersonal relationships, and extraordinary narratives. He has a knack for immortalizing those fleeting moments that tell remarkable stories.


Today, Vicentiu resides in Canada, where he continues to capture the moments that shape our world. His passion for photography and his ability to tell stories through his art make him an exceptional photographer. Follow him on his unique visual journey and discover the world through his lens.




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