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Everybody's "Pilar"

Simone Geri di Bardi | Zaragoza, Spain

12th of October is the national day in Spain, but more specifically in Zaragoza. National holiday it's the moment when a community expresses itself at the maximum. At that point there are not differences between the inhabitants of the community, they all try their best to make the tradition be as if it was the first day. If the custom reclaims popular and ancient dressing everyone wears it in and it helps, at first sight, to not identify the socialcondition of people.

It seems then that at some point, everyone does the same and achieves the principal objective: bring back the tradition year after year. The fact is, that even this happens, each adult or child lives the festivity on its own. A walk with a camera with a certain look will give the impression that in between all the ancient traditional planing there are thousands of different ways of living it.


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