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WE ARE NOT FREE Freedom March. Reproductive Rights in America

Rusty Leffel | Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Feel the passions. Feel the angst. Feel the anger. Feel the shock.

What most have known for all of their life as a Constitutional Right was just snuffed out by our own U.S. Supreme Court. 

Where to now?  Where is the Freedom?

- - -

Here are photographs from the Kansas City July 4, 2022 rally and March organized by Stacy Henderson and Mikala Marlin titled: WE ARE NOT FREE FREEDOM MARCH.  

I grew up in the decades before Roe v Wade.  I remember the too many stories in the Kansas City Star about back alley abortions, the deaths of young women, the role of metal hangers as an instrument of hope and injury and death.    So many signs say "We Won't Go Back", but we just did.   Now where? How do we build forward? 

Two sides are so bitterly divided over who controls what - over what we are to know as "freedom' in our lives - - -  whether reproductive rights or guns or education or so many other aspects of our lives.  

Where will be reconciliation for America, for neighbors, for humanity?

Please do not be silent.  This challenge to our democracy digs into how we are at the very core of our beings and to the civilization we build.



Rusty Leffel Photographs

E:  rcleffel@aol.com;  Cell/Text: 816 806 7753

6408 Willow Lane; Mission Hills, KS 66208   USA

The Johnson County Museum, Overland Park, Kansas, acquired a portfolio of this exhibit for its permanent collection. April 2023.

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