Robin talks about the loss of her older sister.

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"Covid-19 in Black America"

Raymond W Holman Jr | Pa., United States

In March 2020 I started working on a new personal project "Covid-19 in Black America." From March 2020 until August 2020 I documented a group of Black doctors and nuses providing free Covid-19 test in the Black communities of Philadelphia and surrounding areas. I am now creating environmental portraits of Black and brown skin people who have had first hand experience with having Covid-19 and recovered, have lost family member who have died from the disease, have been mentally challenged by the year of being socially isolated, and finally Black and brown skin people who have figured out how to adjust to the challenge and made a new pathway.

It is true, us Human Beings can be chosen to follow a certain career path. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. I graduated with a Degree in Economics, for years I worked in white corporate America in the banking industry. One Christmas holiday I decided to buy a camera to take holiday pictures. Within a couple of years I realized I could do this thing called photography. It took me over ten years to turn it into a career, mostly because I was not listening to the Calling. It took me a long time to realize, The Photography chose me.

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