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Nos volvimos a ilusionar

Miguel M. Caamaño | Buenos Aires, Argentina

It bothers them to see the people in the streets.
Those who go to Doha for a month,
they resent the "vulgarity" and
collective happiness,
but there we are.
Even if they look at us sideways,
we frighten them
and deny us,
the day we dreamed of has arrived.
And we went
with umbrellas and food,
with foam and bottles of water,
with pockets full of fireworks
with flags like capes,
With our little ice-cream
full of milanesa sandwiches,
with no money,

Despite the fact that tomorrow the routine and the complex current events will return, we will never forget this day.

36 years later Argentina is crowned world champions

Photography as an instrument for the transformation of reality. A means to put on the public agenda, scenes of everyday life that urgently need to be transformed and are usually trapped in the experience of people.

Miguel M. Caamaño
@miguearq (Instagram)

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