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Hidden ireland - Irish Travellers

Michele Zousmer | Ireland

Many are not aware of the Irish Traveller community. They are also referred to as gypsies, itinerants, tinkers and knackers. They live following a strict code of behavior that dictates their moral beliefs and influences their behavior. I found them to be a beautiful group of people who put great importance on family, lifelong bonds and God. I was very taken by the role of the girls and women in this community.  They are taught to be sexual at very early ages in dress and manner. They desire to marry young, have large familes and continue this life of hardship.  Education is not valued.  Statistics say there is 81% domestic violence and 55% suicide in this community.  Shocking to me in 2017!! 

I am a humanitarian photographer. My camera is my tool and I believe the photographic image is a powerful way to create emotion, curiosity, caring and hope of mankind.  I hope my work is adding to the global  conversation of diversity. My mind and heart have been opened by the people I have met through my camera. I respect their cutlures and decisions but  but I do hope my work inspires others to see that even though we may be different we all matter! 

Shoah foundtaion, Project Concern International., International Refugee Committee, World of Children, Patriotic Hearts, I Support Vets, Angels Foster Family Network,  Voices of Our City Choir,  Welcome Home Ministery - Reentry, Yao Ming Foundation, Aegis Trust, SHE- Strong, Healthy , Empowered,    USD Women Peacemakers,  Women's Alliance of Ladakh 


www.michelezousmer.com                                                        @humanityisart 

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