Martino Keyster, junior band master

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Sunrise Serenade

Mark Chipps | Western Cape, South Africa

Nestled in South Africa's heart, McGregor, a remote village embraced by mountains and the arid Klein Karoo, embraces its unhurried rhythm. Time whispers through dusty streets, carrying the legacy of bygone era.

Central to McGregor's essence is the Unistars, the beloved Brass Band, whose brass instruments weave enchantment through the village. Their melodies, a blend of joy and sorrow, resonate during solemn funeral processions and festive Christmas marches alike.

Easter heralds a special tradition: at 4 am on Good Friday, the Unistars climb a hill overlooking McGregor. As dawn breaks, their music fills the air, mingling with the crackling bonfire's glow.

In McGregor, tradition lives vibrantly. The brass band's harmonies echo the spirit, embodying the village's timeless magic. Under the vast sky, their music, a testament to McGregor's soul, where even the sun pauses to listen.

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