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The Last Stand for Change

Lisa DuBois | New York, United States

Organization: Enfoco

Police intercept the Trump Pence out now march at 34th street to prevent the march to move toward the Trump tower.

Centuries from now this time will be viewed as one of the darkest periods in American history.

We are as divided now as we were during the civil rights era. We survived the civil war, the reconstruction period, protesting for voting rights, civil rights and gay rights. The nation will continue to protest while we disentangle ourselves from the current state of affairs.

The United States is seperated into two groups because of fundamental differences between the Democratic party and the Republican party.

New York City has always been a location where protests are expected when people feel disenfanchised and want their voices to be heard. Protests have always been the way to create change.This exhibition entitled ( The Last Stand for Change ) depicts the efforts made to move the election away from the current administration to a new one.


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