Breakfasting With The Past: Joining this customer were leaders of Native American cultures and traditions.

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Good People & Good Food

John Simpson | Washington, United States

Generous and good people are those who work hard to accomplish, make, craft and then present good and beautiful things.   This is especially true when it comes to home-cooked, authentic southern food in the Pacific Northwest.

Stepping into a cafe where this mouth-watering cuisine is served, is only made better by the work put into the dishes.  Add an colorful environment, the conversations of those around you, and the smells of good food falling all over each other to reach your nose, well, you know you are in heaven.

But it is the people - ordinary people who do great things - who work with the food who make all of this happen.  They are what make cafes such as the one pictured a place where one's soul is refreshed. 

Who could ask for more?


I admire and respect those who work hard each day in order to make a living.  I cannot put into words the respect I have for each and every one of these individuals.  They do not ask for much, but they give so much to those around them.

I am humbled to be in their presence.

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