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Best of Show Award: From Tulsa to Minneapolis

A Day No One Will Remember

Donald Black Jr. | United States

"A Day That No One will Remember" is a collection of image assembled over the course of several years. I decided to take a detour on my creative journey and return home to Cleveland, Ohio. I started creating images that only an insider could see and began to making images that reflected my perception of my reality. Taking all the pictures I  wish I'd taken as a child. Seeing myself and where I come from has influenced an obsession to photograph the children that I see around me. Evidence of their existing that will be available when they begin their journey of self. I wish someone would have taken pictures of me and my friends in our element. I have become the answer to that wish.

We carry an infinite amount of experiences, most of them we will not be remembered. These images represent some of those instances. The photograph at best will serve as a trigger proof that the moment happened.

I shoot portraits of people who are around me. The further I get as a photographer, the more significant the people in the photographs become. Viewers want to know who my subjects are because they assume the subject is someone they should know. I take pride in telling viewers that my subjects are often close friends and family members. I capture my subjects carefully with a lot of love and rage. I use beautiful available lighting, a lot of shadows, dark grays with shadow details, bright minimal highlights and often backlit. I display my photographs on wood panels and in nontraditional ways: through public mural and on caskets and trees so that my subjects can have access to the work.

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