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Hell of a Weekend in June

Dominick Williams | Oklahoma, United States

Chaos Was the Name of the Day - Tulsa, Oklahoma. June 2020

The day was insane. Trump supporters and BLM activists were at each other’s throats from the jump. There were several media outlets around, trying to capture sound bites and moments amongst the calamity. There were “peacekeepers” sprinkled throughout the crowd—people who took it upon themselves to keep clashes from becoming more violent than they already were.

The week started with news that then-President Donald Trump would be holding his first in-person rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The timing could not have been worse. One month after the killing of George Floyd. The original date of the rally was to be on Juneteenth, a significant holiday in the Black community, and one day before the 99th anniversary of the Bombing of Black Wall Street, one of the most significant terrorist attacks in our country’s history. Fresh off the heels of getting published with The Atlantic, I knew I needed to get out there to cover the events of that weekend. I had recently obtained contact with Rolling Stone Magazine, so I reached out to both publications with my plans. They both responded with assignments for the weekend. On June 19th, I shot for Rolling Stone, covering the annual Juneteenth celebration held in Greenwood. It featured musicians and a speech by the Rev. Al Sharpton. The next day, I shot coverage of the events outside the Trump Rally in Downtown Tulsa. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but one that changed my life forever.

The experience of shooting these two events back to back really was illuminating. I ran the whole gamut of human emotions that weekend and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world.

Dominick Williams


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