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Nicoló Filippo Rosso | Colombia

Migrants walk through a dirt road and illegally enter in Colombia at Villa del Rosario border town.

At the border with Colombia, a continuous flow of migrants from Venezuela crosses the line every day. A political and socio-economic crisis in Venezuela, from 2016 onwards, led to an increasing outflow of migrants from the country. Venezuelans said they were compelled to leave for reasons of insecurity and violence, lack of access to food, medicine, and essential services, and loss of income due to the political situation. According to the UNHCR, by October 2019 approximately 4.5 million Venezuelans had left the country, of which 1.6 million were in Colombia. Others had moved through Colombia before going on to surrounding countries. More than half of Venezuelan migrants in Colombia lacked regular status, and so had no access to health, education or legal employment. Charity organizations and NGOs helped supply people with medical attention and food, but many ended up in informal settlements or living on the streets.

Nicoló Filippo Rosso


Colombian mobile: +573117724752

Instagram: @nico.filipporosso


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