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14 SDN exhibits explore mining and the toll it takes on miners and their communities


In looking for themes across the 1,700+ exhibits on SDN, mining keeps appearing again and again. Some of the best exhibits by some of SDN's most prestigious photographers have been on this theme. And as you will see below, there is also work by lessor known photographers that is truly stunning in its power to explore this profession. Much of this work has been featured previously by SDN. Tomasz Tomaszewski was the winner of SDN's first call for entries on the global recession for his essay on a mining district in Galicia, Poland. Garth Lenz was the winner of SDN's second call for entries on the 21st century landscape for his essay on oil extraction in the Alberta Tar Sands. Tahir Ün was SDN's June 2014 featured photographer for his exhibit on miners in Soma, Turkey, site of the horrendous accident earlier this year killing 301 miners. And Gwenn Dubourthoumieu was a recipient of an SDN/MSH Photo Fellowship for his work on copper miners in the DRC.

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