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Fervently Do We Dance

keith harmon snow | New York, United States

Performing the role of Abraham Lincoln's Mary Todd, dancer Asli Bulbul (left) crouches during a scene which in part occurs behind the opaque curtain. After 9 years with Bill T. Jones, Bulbul jumped at the chance to rehearse under Marta Clarke in early rehearsal's for "Angel Reapers."

FERVENTLY DO WE DANCE is a documentary photography exhibit focused on the choreography, sets, people and places of the big and small-time dance scene centered around New York City.  

Contemporary dance and choreography explores issues of sexuality and race, primal origins and lust, and it is packed with the contradictions of every day life. Dancers and choreographers are only as good as their most recent work, the pace and schedules are demanding, the physical challenges more so.

Young people aspiring to be part of the dance performance world must always contend with competition, never be lapse in their training, and sometimes will be subject to abuse.  

"I am a poet," said choreographer Bill T. Jones, and I am asking you to look as carefully at your attitudes as I do at mine.  In other words, when looking at my work or any art work, I would encourage viewers to watch themselves watching." 

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