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the space between us

evi lemberger | Bangladesh

girl, fulbaria, 25th march 2012

Within my project "The space between us" I would like to give the children of NGO work a voice. Children in NGO photography are always used as a messenger for the purpose of NGO's interest. Smiling or being sad they carry not just the message but the emotions and content. Thereby the aim and intention of the NGO is in the center of interest. Not the kids.

Within my series I worked along side a NGO photographer, who was on an assignment for an NGO. I came along and while he was full filling his list of photographs, I was surrounded by children who wanted to be photographed. Not being able to cope with the huge amount of children who were fighting for a space in front of and behind the camera I decided to placed them individually in front of a the camera but did not give them any directions except from the position. Thereby I want to give each of them a voice, their voice.

Evi Lemberger, born in Lam, Germany, did a degree at “London College of Communication” with a short exchange term in Leipzig at the “Academy for Art and Design”. After finishing she was working as a photojournalist in Moscow, doing a commissioned work for “Norfolk Contemporary art society” in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, writing and photographing for various magazines such as “jetzt.de“, Munich, Zeit Online and the Guardian. Along side she is also exhibiting her work mainly in UK, Germany and USA. Recently she got a scholarship for studying at the International Center of Photography in New York Photojournalism and Documentary Photography and worked in Dhaka, Bangladesh with the agency Drik and freelance. At the moment she is based as a freelancer in India.

Photography means for me a perfect communication tool. Representation, transformation and creation play within that a fundamental part. Starting with seeing with your mind and eyes this little tool can transform the world into something which can effect people, make them think, dream, maybe act. Thereby time and space looses all its function, narration and traditions within the perception can be challenged and extended. Result is also new way of looking, thinking and maybe starting up a dialogue.




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