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Photographer: Richard Street
Organization: Streetshots
Title: Haiti Before Armageddon
Location: Haiti

This young woman and her children lived on the edge of a bay in the La Saline slum or "bidonville" section of Port-au-Prince. They were the second Haitians after my guide who I met and photographed on my first visit to Haiti in November 1987. This is a formal portrait session, done with soft boxes and strobe lights brought down as part of a U. S. News and World Report assignment to photograph the opposition candidates. The young woman wore her best pink shoes and walked delicately over the oozing sewage. When I returned several months later with prints, I could not find her. Residents kept talking about a tropical storm, an "onde tropical" that washed a sea of mud and boulders out of the treeless mountains and obliterated this section of La Saline. No one knew where she was or if she and her children had survived.

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