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Srebrenica refugees in Ilijas, Bosnia

Glenn Ruga | Ilijas, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sabaheta, a widow from Srebrenica, has the potential to become a community leader and has been very successful with small scale farming and raising livestock.

Since 2001, the Center for Balkan Development has partnered with Connecticut Friends of Bosnia in its program to rebuild homes for war refugees in Bosnia. Most recently their work has centered on rebuilding homes for refugees from Srebrenica who have resettled in Ilijas, about 25 km from Sarajevo.

Translating: Ria Kulenovic
Logistics: Haris Kusturica  and Enisa from Connecticut Friends of Bosnia.



 Glenn Ruga www.vizcom.com 

Center for Balkan Development
Time for Justice Campaign



Glenn Ruga www.vizcom.com


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