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Voodoo children - A dance with the ancestors

Salym Fayad | Benin

Voodoo adepts participate in worshipping ceremonies during during the voodoo festival in Ouidah on 10 January. Voodoo is the official religion in Benin, and the small coastal city of Ouidah is considered a main stronghold of voodoo. Ouidah was also one of the most notorious slave ports in Africa. From here, voodoo rituals and spirits traveled to the Americas together with thousands of West Africans who were forcefully sent to European colonies on the other side of the Atlantic.

Fetishes, spirits and adepts in the cradle of voodoo - Ouidah, Benin. A call to the ancestors. More that 30 million people follow voodoo accross West Africa. The religion also has a home in the Americas, especially in Haiti, Cuba and Brazil, where it migrated centuries ago, during the slave trade. Today, in both sides of the Atlantic, voodoo still celebrates life through the worship of the ancestors.

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