Palmela Castle one year after the fire from the ancient Roman road that runs below it. Some of the vegetation has begun to recover, some not. This was a local walking route before the fire though this in turn brought questions about its preservation as an ancient monument.

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Palmela - One Year After The Fire

Oliver Sidaway | Portugal

One year after the wildfire that destroyed 400 hectares of land around the town of Palmela in Portugal I revisited the area to see how nature was coping and how people were adapting to their changed environment. It was surprising and heartening to see how the natural vegetation has begun to recover despite the odds but chastening to witness the effect of continued high temperatures and lack of rain on that recovery. On top of this new questions and debates are to be had as to the best ways for people to aid this recovery. Amongst the sincere desires for trying to revive what was lost come questions about the extent of previous knowledge about what was there before, whether the old landscape can be regained given modern methods, and for whom and to what purpose is the new landscape for.

I am a Landscape and Documentary artist based in the Uk and Portugal. 

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