Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles school strikers stop a convertable BMW, downtown Los Angeles, California on Friday, September 20, 2019. Holding frank protest signs thousands of school-age young people and their supporters diverged from a permitted protest route in disruptive protest, blocking streets to demand meaningful change to avert the deadly consequences of unchecked global warming.

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Youth Strike!

J. Matt | United States.

Organization: ZUMA Press

Prior to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic youth around the world were cutting school, taking to the streets, and demanding that their governments take action to mitigate global warming to blunt the effects of climate change. With the idea firmly in mind that adults were selling out their futures for convenience and economic gain, striking students were plain in their demand that adults in power protect the futures they would inherit.

The strikes, inspired by Greta Thunberg's initial actions to strike, increased awareness of global warming's consequences. They can also be credited with young people's gaining of influencepolitically and having an officialpresenceat COP27 in 2022, thoughthe world at large has not moved significantly towards meeting IPCC goals of mitigating carbon outputs to maintain a safe climate.

Unfortunately the pandemic stopped the momentum youth climate activists built in 2019 and their movement can be credited with only limited success in pushing those in power to face global warming responsibly, with an eye to the futures of young people worldwide.

Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles

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