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Fausto Podavini | Chad

Chad. N'Djamena. Women and men in the Guilmey IDP camp, waiting to be seen by first aid medical personnel. Once a week, medical personnel go to the camp to guarantee a minimum of medical assistance. The flood has increased cases of malaria and malnutrition among the displaced, which are the main health problems. The Guilmey IDP camp is one of the southernmost camps in the capital and is in an area where there are two Cameroonian refugee camps. The Gulmey district is in close proximity to the border with Cameroon. The floods at the end of October destroyed all the houses and farmland, forcing people to move to live in the camp and have a makeshift tent as their home.

Chad is a country plagued by a long history of poverty, war and natural disasters. In recent years, the increase in problems related to malnutrition and malaria has been exacerbated by situations related to climate change of which Chad is the hub as far as Africa is concerned. Chad has recently experienced one of its worst floods ever with one million people affected across the country, hundreds of homes destroyed and extensive damage to cropland and livelihoods. The affected people suddenly became "climatic" displaced persons, finding themselves with nothing left and catapulted into IDP camps. Without a home, without their possessions, almost 200,000 people are living a new life in tents made of sheets, without assistance or food, further aggravating the already critical situation of food insecurity in the country. Chad is one of the countries with the highest poverty rate in the world. According to the Human Development Index it ranks 187th - out of 189 countries, placing Chad as the most vulnerable country in the world to the effects of climate change and with one of the most fragile humanitarian conditions in all of Africa.

It is always difficult for a photographer to be faced with such delicate and dramatic human situations. And one is always struck by the dignity and availability that people, families, men or women, offer the photographer, despite their delicate life situation. I will always be grateful to all the people I met and to photography itself.



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