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Spotlight Archives


Spotlight and Featured Photographer of the Month Archives

2015 Email Spotlights

Stephen Speranza


June 2015 Spotlight
Featured Photographer of the Month: Stephen Speranza
Wilmerding, Pennsylvania


May 2015 Spotlight
Featured Photographer of the Month: Claudia Wiens
Women's Football in Germany, Palestine, Turkey, and Germany

Lianne Milton


April 2015 Spotlight
Featured Photographer of the Month: Lianne Milton
Right Side of the Wrong Life: Rio de Janeiro


March 2015 Spotlight , Volume 2
Click for Spotlight

Aake Ericson


February 2015 Spotlight
Featured Photographer of the Month: Aake Ericson

Nadia Sablin


January 2015 Spotlight
Featured Photographer of the Month: Nadia Sablin

2014 Email Spotlights

Andrea Star Reese


December 2014
Featuring Photographer of the Month: Andrea Star Reese

Rudi Dundas/Omo River Valley/Ethiopia


November 2014
Featuring Photographer of the Month: Rudi Dundas


October 2014
Featuring Photographer of the Month: Khaled Hasan

Victor Galeano


September 2014
Featuring Photographer of the Month: Victor Galeano


August 2014
Featuring Photographer of the Month: Timothy Bouldry


July 2014
SDN Gives Special Recognition to Three Photographers: Liza van Der Stock, Ogla Boltneva, and Ralph Quninonez


June 2014
Featured Photographer of the Month: Tahir Ün


May 2014
Featured Photographer of the Month: Fran Antmann

Dario  de Dominicis


April 2014
Featured Photographer of the Month: Dario De Dominicis


March 2014
Featured Photographer of the Month: Markus Drayss


February 2014
Featured Photographer of the Month: Maryam Ashrafi

Ara Oshagan

  January 2014
Featured Photographer of the Month: Ara Oshagan

2013 Email Spotlights

  December 2013
Featured Photographer of the Month: Saud A. Faisal
Carol Allen Storey

  November 2013
Featured Photographer of the Month: Carol Allen Storey
Fausto Podavini

  October 2013
Featured Photographer of the Month: Fausto Podavini
Sebastiano Tomada

  September 2013
Featured Photographer of the Month: Sebastiano Tomada
Fardin Waezi

  August 2013
Featured Photographer of the Month: Fardin Waezi
Giles Clarke

  July 2013
Featured Photographer of the Month: Giles Clarke
Suvra Das

  June 2013
Featured Photographer of the Month: Suvra Das
Joseph Rodriquez

  May 2013
Featured Photographer of the Month: Joseph Rodriguez
April 2013: Incarceration and Reentry, Sierra Leone, Iran, Bangladesh, and more...

February 3, 2013: Moldova, Japan, India, Ghana, and more...

January 3, 2013: Highlights of 2013


2012 Email Spotlights

12.23.2012: Documentary projects from around the world
12.6.2012: Spotlight on Global Awareness
New exhibits from around the world
Africa, Haiti, Philadelphia and entries to Photography Fellowship
North Korea, Buzkashi Riders, Industrial Hog Production, News, and more...
South Africa, Nicosia, Mississippi Delta, and more...
Pottery in Iran, Left Behind by Japan, Working in Argentina, and more...
Climate Change, Overcoming Disability, Community-based Solutions in Mexico
6.19.2012: Coalfields in India, La Familia in Guatemala, Classroom in Kenya, and more...
5.10.2012: New York Photo Festival, Indian Wrestling, Magdalen Laundries, In the Shadow of the Pyramids,  & more...
New York Subways, Life After Prison, Cotton Land, Catalan Tradition, and more...
Brothels in Bangladesh, Life in Kolkata, Attempted Suicide, Ice Seller in Haiti, and more...
Syria, Uganda, the Aral Sea, Guatemala, Occupy, and more....
2.4.2012: World Cancer Day
1.19.2012: Chechen mothers, Omo River Valley, a Family Portrait, and more...

2011 Email Spotlights

12.27.2011: Fighting Breast Cancer, Occupy Movement, Immigrants to Europe, Masculine/Feminine, and more...
SDN Turns Three, Occupy Movement, Chernobyl Aftermath, East Anglia, and more...
Brooklyn West Indies Day, Poverty Trap in Russian Federation, and Border of Impunity in India
Soldier's Homecoming, TB in Haiti and Philippines, Child Care in Ukraine
Ethiopia, People's Choice Award, Greece, and more.
Gypsies, Police in Bangladesh, Women in Nepal, and more...
Winners of Call for Entries
Highlights from Around the World
Bolivia, South Africa, Immigration, Tunisia, Tsunami, and more...
5.18.2011: Shiho Fukada documents tsunami and earthquake in Japan
Ed Kashi on Pakistan and more...
TB and Global Health, Hindu Sun God Festival, Cancer Patients in India, and more...
Tsunami, Iraqi Refugees, Detroit Unbroken, and more...
Undocumented Immigrants, Suicide in Rural India, Ugandan Orphans, and more...
Celebrating Women Worldwide
Tunisia, former Soviet Union, Detroit Firefighters, and more
2.15.11: SDN Announces Call for Entries: Ten Years After Nine Eleven
The Revolution in Egypt and the Power of Images
Danube Delta, Ethiopian Midwives, Faith, and more...
Spotlight: U.S., Israel, Nepal, documentary news, and more
Highlights from 2010


2010 Email Spotlights

12.12.10: A poetic and personal journey through Karabagh
11.19.10: Spotlight on U.S., Serbia, and Guatemala
Ed Kashi Documents Madagascar
10.1.10: Spotlight on Roma
9.3.10:   Morocco, Mozambique, Landmines, the U.S., and more
8.15.10: Tea Party, West Bank, and celebration of Indian Women
7.11.10:  Sarajevo, Afghanistan, Detroit, and Uganda
6.13.10:  Rickshaw Pullers in India, Vodou in New York, and Vanishing Grasslands in China
5.24.10:  Siem Reap Rehabilitation Center, Cambodia
5.3.10:    Focus on Bangladesh
4.19.10:  Girls' Education and Daily Life in Rural Morocco by Amy Thompson Avishai
Forced Displacement in Columbia by Benjamin Ball
Cuba: Campo Adentro by Susan S. Bank
3.7.10:    Online exhibits from Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Republic of Georgia, and the United States
Women and Children in the Middle East by Rania Matar
Copper Recyclers of India; Knife Fight City, California, and more...
   JOIN US: Opening Reception and Panel Discussion, February 16, New York
1.31.10:  Ethiopia, Georgia, Cancer Survivors, Teenage Pregnancy
1.10.10:  Seaweed Farmers in Zanzibar

2009 Email Spotlights

12.28.09: U.S., Palestine, Syria
12.20.09: Call for Entry Winners
  Haiti, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Uganda
11.30.09: Pakistan and the "War on Terror" by Yusuke Harada
11.11.09: Special Veterans Day Spotlight, photographs by Kevin Bubriski
Foothills of Appalachia in Time of Recession, by Matt Eich
Ukrainian Roma village, by Arthur Bondar
10.12.09: Living on Manila's Trash, by Brian Carlson
10.4.09:  The Missoula Food Bank, by Anna M Weaver
9.21.09:  Female Prisons: Mothers in Despair, by Luiz Santos
9.5.09:    HIV/AIDS in South Africa by Willem de Lange
8.12.09:  White Nationalism, photos by Anthony Karen
7.29.09:  The Roma of Sintesti by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
7.12.09:  Scotland's Last Salmon Net Fishermen by Colin McPherson
7.6.09:    Changes in Rural Poland by Tomasz Tomaszewski
6.30.09:  Iran in Turmoil
6.25.09:  Human Trafficking in Argentina by Ron Nicolaysen
6.16.09:  Khaled Hasan Documents Bangladeshi Stone Laborers
6.3.09:    Daniel Miller Documents Tibet’s Last Nomads
5.11.09:  Documentaries of Brazil and Northern Uganda
4.29.09:  Homeless in Kyrgyzstan by George Hsia
4.27.09:  Michael Ruggiero, "Over the Road: Long-haul Truck Drivers"
4.16.09:  Kevin Bubriski, "Uzbekistan: Images from the Land of Ghosts"
4.14.09:  The Pain and Cure of Fistula in Ethiopia, Documented by Yanina Manolova
4.6.09:    Eric Johnson's "The Many Faces of Mali, West Africa"
3.29.09:  John Sevigny: Addressing the Best and Worst of the Human Condition
3.10.09:  Jon Lewis Puts a Face on Climate Change in Kiribati
3.8.09:    Claudia Wiens Documents Leprosy Colony in Egypt
2.24.09:  Luiz Santos Documents African Refugees Living in Limbo in Malta
2.9.09:    Ed Kashi Documents the Cost of Oil Exploitation in the Niger Delta
1.18.09:  George Poutachidis Documents Refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq
1.12.09:  Janine Wiedel – Forty Years of Documentary

2008 Email Spotlights

12.21.08:  An Ordinary Place: Bennington, VT. Photographs by Peter Crabtree
12.13.08:  Reconciliation in Rwanda: Photographs by Sarah Bones
12.6.08:    Romania: Photographs by Lauren Hermele
11.29.08:  Tibet: Photographs by Frank Ward, Richard Durnan, Daniel Miller
11.22.08:  Chechen Refugees in the Pankisi Gorge by Daro Sulakauri
11.22.08:  Stephen Petegorsky documents landmine survivors in Nicaragua
11.15.08:  "Lahore and Karachi" by Kevin Bubriski
11.8.08:    Eddie Gerald's "Cave Dwellers" in Hebron