Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India.

Tom Sal Mexico

Topics of Focus

the aftermath | human condition

Geographic Areas of Focus

Central America - Middle East - Southeast Asia


I'm a Polish-born photographer, educated as an anthropologist and documentaries director. I've professional experience on all sorts of different sets ranging from news production, documentary to advertising and theatre. I've undertaken all sorts of different roles in mainstream media ...circumstances change, life dictates unexpected choices.

Realized just how much I actually need photography and what it means to me after well over three years with no camera at all doing random jobs in remote parts of Europe and Asia. One day simply bumped into two Bangladeshi photographers in Dhaka, I was on the way from Myanmar to Nepal, and started photography again with the use of their kits. We spent long hours talking, long days just snapping away. Couldn't stop; ecstasy. Since then I've been trying to make myself useful by collaborating with NGOs. And I work on stories that matter to me. Available light only.

Currently ENG cameraman in Ukraine.

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