Gulnara Niaz

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I began my career as a model in the fashion industry in Kyrgyzstan as I’d always had a passion for clothing design. In 1998 I was approached by an event organizer and invited to show my first collection at a national event on Red Square with an audience of thousands. There I was approached by a
television producer for Raketa TV to participate in a future TV show about fashion but instead became a contract negotiator. While continuing to work on my BA in management and economics, designing my line of clothes, and organizing various fashion shows, I opened a modeling and talent agency with two partners.

Now I live in Brookline, MA, and have been a professional photographer since 2005 first as a photographic artist working with other professionals, and more recently redefining my “new me” focusing on product photography and portraiture. I’m investigating more artistic uses of photography, blending
fashion, my understanding of makeup artistry, and my passion for clothing design to produce portraits of individuals and families. Clients’ stylized photo shoots are customized to give them a memorable experience and special images that reflect their beauty, personalities, and contours.

The advancement of technology has been incredible and makes it possible to take ever more interesting images. My work is now entirely digital, but still cherish my first film camera, given to me in the first year of my photography school.

I would like to express my appreciation to my teacher Don Jones for his meticulous instruction and his unfailing patience. I will be forever grateful. If you would like to see Don Jones’s work, please visit his website:www.DonJonesPhotography.com

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