Wendy an ex-MS13 member says “... I wanted to kill my sister, so I did and before I could kill my borther I was arrested.” When she was 12 years old both her parents were arrested and then she had to live with her sisters.  She generally felt lonely and there was no real communication in their family.  Her brother tried to rape her and so she began to turn to the MS13 gang as a family.  With them she felt stronger. Once she became a MS13 member – she started using drugs and so she was locked out of her sister’s house. One night she kicked the door to get in and went to bed. Not long after she heard voices of men who broke into the house – all of them raped me and they stole everything. Three days later her sister found her and didn’t believe what she said had happened and accused her of stealing from them. ‘Because they didn’t believe me I wanted to kill my sister, so I did. And before I could kill my brother I was arrested.’

Christina Simons


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Christina Simons is an award winning international documentary photographer focused on human rights and civil liberties. Her work is driven by the exploration of sub-cultures and marginalised people, leading to exhibitions throughout Australia, the United States, England, Spain, Russia and Mexico.

Part Icelandic & American, she resides in Australia as a true citizen of the world speaking multiple languages. Having worked in the visual arts industry for over twenty-five years she is a technical master of imagery. Her work traverses many interests including travel, lifestyle and portraiture and is represented in publications such as The New York Times and The Guardian UK as well as working with several NGOs such as Medicines Sans Frontiers and UNICEF.

Her passion for human rights and civil liberties have led to series such as “The Haiti Project”on children in domestic servitude, Women’s health in the Philippines and Aboriginal Education in Australia; not to mention her solo-exhibition and multi-award winning series “Running to Nowhere” on Central American Refugees.

Her curiosity of subcultures has produced projects such as award winning series "Derby Girls" and multi-award winning series "Lil Bullfighters" of Mexico.


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