[ Private life , public life . The object of desire (III). Isfahan Bazaar 2017 ] The Isfahan bazaar was almost empty at that time, perhaps that is why I could stop to watch this girl. She was looking and touching with such delight those dresses that it seemed that she was not shopping. At the moment I took the shot I had the feeling that that girl was dreaming.

Rpnunyez .



I thought that, with time, all the questions I have been asking myself for years about my relationship with photography would be resolved. Far from it, a multitude of possible answers remain open.

I hardly ever photograph objects, monuments or landscapes, which, if anything, are mere decorations accompanying a single protagonist: the human being, with his strengths and miseries, with his yearnings and frustrations, with his laughter and tears. And I can't remember a single one of my photographs in which, at the moment of shooting, I have not been accompanied by the deep conviction that only chance or even time are the single reason why I’m not that old man from a remote tribe, that devotee in ecstasy inside a madrassa, that beggar sheltering from the rain under the tin or that nouveau riche who disdains everything that doesn't concern him in the first person.

I do not photograph what I see but what I am. I never think of my photographs as art objects or consumer items, they have nothing to do with ephemerality either. I think of them as tools at the service of a simple idea so masterfully summarized by Wayne Miller: the universal truths of being human.

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