"Plantations of Eucalyptus are Not Forests" For this camp, the MST took over portion of a eucalyptus plantation owned by timber company Aracruz Cellulose, removed the non-native trees and erected their tents, installed a well and built a community space using an elaborate system on non-hierarchical decision making. The camp was named Galdino dos Santos, for an indigenous chief who was murdered two years earlier in a racist attack.

Orin Langelle

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Climate Crisis, Indigenous Issues, Globalization

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Orin Langelle is a documentary photographer who studied media and communications in St. Louis, MO and photography at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan under Cornell Capa. Langelle first studied and participated in activism on the streets against the Vietnam war. His first professional photography assignment was covering anti-war protests during the Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, FL in 1972. He has been published in in numerous print and online publications, in books and on book-covers, and exhibited in venues in the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Paraguay. While occasionally published in the mainstream press, the majority of Langelle’s photography has taken place while working with non-profit organizations. Langelle co-founded Global Justice Ecology Project twenty years ago. He continues to be affiliated today as a consultant and photographer. He previously served as Media Director for Globfal Forest Coalition. Langelle chose the non-profit sector to be able to photograph more freely than in the top down corporate media sector. He has not regretted that decision. Langelle has photographed on six different continents. Langelle lives in Cattaraugus County, NY in the foothills of the Alleghenies with his life partner, Anne Petermann. They have two cats named Ruti and Mr. M.


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