TAR SANDS UPGRADER IN WINTER| Alberta Tar / Sands | 2010 The Alberta Tar Sands are Canada's single largest source of carbon, currently producing about as much annually as the nation of Denmark. The refining of the tar-like bitumen requires more water and uses almost twice as much energy as the production of conventional oil, while producing almost twice as much carbon.

Garth Lenz

garth@garthlenz.com 250 995-2967 Canada


Garth Lenz is an award winning photographer and one of only 60 photographers to be named a Fellow of the prestigious International League of Conservation Photographers.

Garth has photographed conservation, and indigenous peoples issues throughout the world. This work has led to assignments and publication in numerous books, newspapers, and magazines: Time Magazine, German GEO, GEO International, Canadian Geographic, The Guardian Weekly, The New York Times Sunday Edition, International Wildlife, B.B.C. Wildlife Magazine, and many others.

Garth’s recent from the boreal and the Alberta Tar Sands has won major awards at both the International Photography Awards and the Prix de la Photographie Paris. It has appeared in Canadian Geographic, German GEO and GEO International, The Nature Conservancy Magazine, and France’s Courrier International.

Garth’s touring exhibition of a selection of this work was recently presented in a major solo exhibition at the G2 Gallery in Venice. Garth is very proud to have just received first place in SDN’s, Ten Years After 9/11: Searching for a 21st Century Landscape, and is looking forward to exhibiting this work in the forthcoming SDN group exhibition at New York’s powerHouse Arena this coming August/September.