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Red Code Emergency

Fiorella Baldisserri | Italy

I was three years old and every morning I asked my father to take me to the end of the street where an ambulance was parked. I was fascinated, not by the vehicle, but by the people in white coats who I imagined running to save lives. Since then I have never stopped thinking that this would be my job during my life This is one of the interviewes with paramedics of 118 Bologna, Italy.

With my work I show a unique prospective the extraordiany nature of people who do a job thet appears ordinary pushing a goal: saving lives. Since 2018 I have been following this center on ambulace, helicopters and medica car, night and day. I saw the humanity in their gaze the preparation in their gesture the firmess in their action. It's not the adrenaline that drive them but a strong feeling that they have inside the awerness of living on the fine line between life and death. Times is the common thread that marks and guides the waiting and the action. The project is ongoing.

Fiorella Baldisserri



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