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Drag Queens, Jesus and Proud Boys

Robin Fader | Maryland, United States

Facing bomb threats, verbal abuse and blood-drawing attacks by haters, drag queens holds drag story hours - week after week. They entertain by reading family-friendly books about love, and acceptance with songs and an abundance of bubbles. The queens’ single-minded message to children is to love yourself and be who you want to be.

Outside of any story time venue you’ll find Christian right-wing nationalists, Evangelist priests and Proud Boys shaming and bullying families trying to enter. Some wear Go-Pro cameras strapped to their chests attempting to record the families entering. They yell vile, shameful lies about sexuality, homosexuality, transgenderism, drag queens and grooming children.  Humorously, they claim that I, a documentary photographer, have child porn on my camera, but still Jesus loves me.

They aim to disgrace attending parents and instill fear in the children.

Fortunately, protection comes from the Rainbow Defense Coalition - a group of local volunteers who create a shield with rainbow umbrellas and LGBTQ+ flags.  Umbrellas/flags, so that the protestors are not seen, and kid-friendly music, so that the protestors are not heard by the children entering

2023 Julia Margaret Cameron Award, First Prize Documentary Pro Series

                   2023 IPA International Photo Award Official Selection

                   2023 Exposed DC Photography Winner

              2022 International Photography Award, 1st Place, Events/Social Cause

                   2022 International Photography Best of Show Winner

       Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, Winner Documentary Photography

       2021 Pollux Award Documentary Photography Series Winner

       PROMAX Gold Medallions; PROMAX Silver Medallions

       5 Emmy Awards

       Silver Anvil Award – Public Relations Society of America

       Edward R Murrow Award- Best Website – nbcwashington.com

I am a Washington, DC based, multi-Emmy award-winning commercial producer and photographer, now focused on activism, protests, social justice, reproductive freedoms and pro-democracy themed photography.

Through my photography, I am standing up, as an allie to the daily harassment, discrimination and marginalization facing the LGBTQ+ community. All of this under the umbrella of fighting back for our reproductive freedoms.

I began concentrating on this work at the fall of Roe v Wade, joining protests at the Supreme Court justices homes, joining a local group that helps protect Drag Story Hours from right-wing extremists and hateful evangelists and by joining DC protests for reproductive freedoms.

It is important for me to share, and to raise awareness about  threats to our reproductive freedoms and all that is impacting the LGBTQ+ community. 

We can not be silent.

I truly appreciate your time and attention.

Robin Fader



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