Pandemic protocols on construction site. Dartmouth, MA

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Pandemic in Focus


Lou Jones | MA, United States

Organization: Lou Jones Studio

Much of the world stopped because of the coronavirus lockdown. Businesses & schools shut down. Life as we know it ground to a halt. Photography was especially hard hit because practitioners could no longer fraternize with their clients. But in such cataclysmic world events like these photographers have the responsibility to document & react & take pictures of what is going on around them. Many people have approached the strange subject matter differently. I was intrigued by how many people are coping with all the restrictions. Many are dramatic, clever, enterprising &/or tragic.

Engineering the shoots to stay safe yourself & keep the subjects safe has been a tremendous undertaking. It took weeks to convince many participants to allow photography because they felt strange or fearful. It is ongoing & I am negotiating several more situations now.

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