The image of Malcolm X was seen on tee shirts, caps and posters on May 18th at the Malcolm X birthday parade. The colors of the African American flag flies for all people of African decent. Red stands for the blood shed during slavery, black symbolizes the color of African people, and green is for the green landscape in Africa.

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Malcolm X Shut it Down Parade

Lisa DuBois | NYS, United States

Organization: SDN

 I wonder if Malcolm X could have envisioned that the streets he graced with his powerful speeches would one day bear his name. Furthermore, could he imagine a parade down the same streets on his birthday? On May 18th, the annual Malcolm X parade took place in Harlem joined by some Palestinian supporters.

In 1987, Lenox Avenue was named Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem. Malcolm X, a highly influential figure in the civil rights movement, was a deeply committed Muslim who held the role of National Representative, the highest position within the Islamic nation.

The parade theme is always "Shut em Down." Marchers walk in formation on the sidewalk. The purpose for of this is to ensure all businesses and vendors close from 1 to 4 in commemoration of Malcolm X. A few shops and vendors protested this demand, which was symbolic of the changes made since the gentrification of Harlem.

Following the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965, books and films have immortalized the charismatic leader, and his strong influence on the African American battle for justice and equality.

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