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May 2013 Featured Photographer of the Month


Joseph Rodriguez | California, US & Mexico

Women pray for their families return home. They are usually left behind to take care of the children as many of their fathers, husbands, and brothers (solos) cross the border to go to work in the US. Many of the families do not see the men in their family for years at a time. Nogales, Sonora, MX. 05.97

Migrant workers follow the seasonal trail from their homes in Mexico, across the border into California to pick strawberries, winding through Arkansas to work the tomato crop, then onward to North Carolina to harvest tobacco. These people are constantly moving, migrating through the country, earning their living and providing an invaluable service to American farmers. Most Americans don't notice the dusty Mexicans huddled on street corners. They don't see the Mexicans planting, digging, picking and harvesting. All they are aware of is the fruit they can buy in the market and the cigarettes they can smoke. Most of the migrant workers take their chances crossing the border. There are many risks involved but most migrants make the choice since there is no money and few jobs in Mexico. These migrants are sending home about $300 each month, sometimes more.

Like the migratory birds, faithfully succumbing to tradition and instinct, fleeing the winter in pursuit of temperate climes, so does the New American follow the path laid before him to seek out a living and thus create a new identity.

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