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Good Earth

Esha Chiocchio | United States

Gordon Tooley heads into the field to hand dig a tree for sale at Tooley's Trees, a regenerative orchard in Truchas, New Mexico.

The Good Earth celebrates New Mexican agrarians who are revitalizing land through regenerative practices—building soil, sequestering carbon, reducing toxins, and improving the health of people, plants and animals.

To better understand the range of regenerative techniques being employed, podcast host Mary-Charlotte Domandi and photographer Esha Chiocchio used interviews and photography to document the techniques of Native American land managers, farmers, composters, ranchers, goat herders, orchardists and soil scientists to improve the foundation of society: soil. This series provides a window into regenerative land stewardship and demonstrates how we can all play a role in rehabilitating the good earth.

I photograph to feel connected with those from whom we all must learn if we want to survive the changing climate and realign our priorities to regenerate the good earth. Getting off the beaten path, finding environmental heroes and raising them up feeds my soul. My hope is to inspire change by telling stories of resilience and solutions.

Esha Chiocchio


+1 505.310.4425


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