Title: Personal Album
My mother has always loved photo albums and has always carefully preserved family photos. This photo is part of the two albums she has made with only her personal photos since she was a child.

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Dolores. An intimate story of a bipolar mother

Alessandro Mirai | Italy

The WHO recognizes bipolar disorder as the 6th leading cause of social distress globally, a pathology with a suicide rate 21 times higher than normal, which increases in case of misdiagnosis or slowness, as happens in 70% of cases. Dolores, my mother, wanted to live up to her estimates when she went to the extreme. I found her and instinctively photographed her, lying on the bed with her farewell letter. Thus began a new silent relationship with her and her pathology, made up of brief moments of well-being and much longer periods of apathy and immobility.

Born and raised in a small port town, shaped by the industrialdream, passionate about social dynamics and the subjects that represent it. He made his debut on a film level with the documentary R-esistenze thanks to the participatory video workshop curated by the cultural association 4caniperstrada. He exhibited in Paris in a group exhibition "Atlas of humanity" and selected by "Independent Photography" by Elizabeth Krist in a selection of her photos. His works range from documentary photography, intimate photography, and photography as a tool for visual research.

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