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SDN Licensing

SDN is launching a new service — SDN Licensing — to help you find images to use in your editorial, creative, commercial, or nonprofit projects. To make this service available, we are partnering with Photoshelter, a leader in web-based solutions for photographers.

You will find images on SDN Licensing that you will not find on other licensing websites . Every photographer on SDN is telling a story about an important issue in this world, and to do that, they must be invested in their subjects and the issues they are photographing. This is a commitment that you will only find on SDN and it produces work with integrity, dignity, and power that is necessary to help communicate your message.

Images are available for Rights Managed Licensing. Enter keywords below to begin searching for images that you are interested in. Then fill out the web-based usage form to determine the price. Images are available for immediate download once a price has been quoted using our online estimating software and paid for with a credit card.

You can also search for images by browsing or searching galleries on SDN. You will see a link for licensing if the photographer is part of the licensing network. Currently only a small percentage of SDN photographers have work available, but we expect this number to grow considerably over time.


If you cannot find what you are looking for by searching for existing images, or if you need photographs specific to your operations, we will work with you to hire a photographer to photograph exactly what you need. SDN brings the same advantages to assignments as we do to licensing — a global network of photographers who photograph real people and real issues. One great advantage of working with SDN is that our network of photographers are often already in the countries you may want to photograph, saving you expensive travel costs.

Nonprofit Discount

SDN offers a 20% discount on licensing and assignments to registered nonprofit and charitable organizations. Organizations within the United States, must have 501 c (3) status. Organizations outside the United States must have similar recognized charitable status.

To apply for this discount, please download this form, fill out using Adobe Acrobat reader, and email to licensing@socialdocumentary.net. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a discount code that you can use for licensing images and assignments.

The discount may be used by a creative agency buying images for use by a nonprofit.