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Mah song being pierced with multiple needles. The piercing is done without the use of anaesthetic by the pi liang (assistant) or sometimes by experienced piercers who take on one medium after the other in the course of a morning. The needles are cleansed by antiseptic liquid. The whole event proceeds in a very businesslike manner surrounded by on-lookers.

Silvia Dona

silviadona@gmail.com +66 922601923 Thailand


I was born in Uganda during the military dictatorship of Idi Amin Dada, to a Greek mother and an Italian father. My parents had met in Tripoli, fallen in love and sometime later, my father had taken a job in Kampala. He was to spend half his life in East Africa and so by great fortune, it became my home.I was schooled in Nairobi, Kenya, and later moved to Italy to attend university. In my late teens, I was neither daring nor bold and settled for a degree in Translation studies, a passionless decision. I dreamt of becoming a war photographer, a dream which held no significance for my family and so I kept it to myself. Whilst studying, I played around naively with a camera, lacking any form of direction.My undergraduate dissertation was on the Turkana tribe in Kenya, a means to travel home and finally use my camera in a more constructive way. I was to document, linguistically and photographically, the material culture of this nomadic tribe. This was followed by a PhD in Ethnolinguistics which took me to Tanzania amongst the Hadzabe people, a small group of hunter-gathers.Whilst there I met the love of my life, left academia forever (no regrets) and started a family. We have been blessed with two boys and the opportunity to move round the world, constantly exploring new cultures and pursuing creativity, every new experience documented through my lens.


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