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'Cossack Valerka. Standing in all growth in a saddle'. Farm of Senshin, village of Oblivskaya district, Rostov-on-Don region, Russia

Misha Maslennikov

chudo1909@gmail.com +380507881792 Ukraine

Topics of Focus

The meaning of existence

Geographic Areas of Focus

Post-Soviet space


Misha Maslennikov was born in 1964 in the settlement of Dobroe close to Moscow. Since 2013 constantly lives in the city of Odessa, Ukraine.
Since the middle of 2005 Misha goes in for field reportage photography and begins thinking seriously about the photographic process as a way of the particular conveyance of author ideas in a missionary vein. The main areas are single expeditions to the places difficult of access, visiting and co-operation with cenobites of active monasteries, sketes, with keepers of ancient temples, pogosts, studying the way of life of modern hermits, anchorites, real intercourse and contacts with backwoodsmen.
At present Misha Maslennikov continues his work on private and public projects in documentary photography, individual and group expeditions according to a given subject, collection of materials, visual ethnography.
Photos are in museum and private collections in Russia and abroad.
2008 — he triggered the arrangement of photoclub under Feofaniya Gallery.
Since 2006 — member of the Noga Creative Union.
Since 2010 — member of the Russian Photounion.
Since 2010 — member of the Russian Geography Society.
Since 2020 — photographer at Incubator Photo Gallery, Portugal.

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