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"Lifer"(sentenced to imprisonment for life), ex UVF member and ex prisoner. Entered prison at the age of 16 in the early 1970s for Ulster Volunteer Force activities. Released from prison after the "Good Friday Agreement" signed in 1998.

Mariusz Smiejek

mariusz.smiejek@gmail.com +44 7593 060007 United Kingdom

Topics of Focus

Migrations, Post-conflict territories and societies

Geographic Areas of Focus

Africa, Europe, Middle East


Freelance documentary and portrait photographer specializing in the raw narrative of human and social conditions. Noted documentary work explores post conflict communities, refugee and asylum seekers, child slavery, street children, human trafficking, victimized women, dangerous livelihoods, corruption and systemic abuse. Harnessing a total immersion approach, the camera becomes an unadulterated and impartial window between the subject and the audience. Possesses the ability to navigate fragile and volatile contexts, and infrastructures with ease, including informal migrant encampments, remote West African villages, and urban uprisings.

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