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Lerato near Ngweni village. Sangoma Day - Eastern Cape (December 2021) @Marcelo Argañaraz

Marcelo Arganaraz

marceloarganarazdearco@gmail.com 0769180557 South Africa

Topics of Focus

Diversity, humans beings, Heritage, DDHH

Geographic Areas of Focus

América, Africa, Europa


My name is Marcelo Argañaraz, I am a photographer by passion, action, knowledge, learning, memory and amusement. I love people and their natural environment, their around, their experiences.

Photography is a way of looking at the world around me, of connecting with it, of discovering it, learning and apprehending it; Through the various people and the various places, I find myself.

Insatiable and tireless traveler, from my own environment to the most recondite place on the planet. Photographing, traveling, knowing, learning in an infinite and permanent change.

DIVERSITY is my obsession as a photographer; The association of the idea of ​​divertere (turning in the opposite direction) and diversities (abundance and variety) suggests to me the idea that when there is variety, different things can be seen, completely opposite.

Also, as its meaning indicates, divertere wants to suggest us: to move away, to separate, and in ancient times, it was also used for the idea of ​​getting away from work or usual, to address other things of pure leisure. That's how the divertere gave us the word divertir (amuse), which is the sensation that best describes my relationship with photography.

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