The dark silhouette of Gabriele Cucchia, senior engineer of the Nemo’s Garden project, seen from the seabed while is carrying on the surface the upper part of the biosphere to the installation site.

Giacomo d'Orlando +39 340 8499329 Italy

Topics of Focus

Social issue, Environmental, Culture

Geographic Areas of Focus

Europe, Oceania, Asia, South America


I always been fascinated by photography and over time it became my deepest passion.I have begun to explore the professional photography world in 2011, when I have started to work in a photographic studio in my hometown in Italy, Verona. After almost 4 years working as photographer in the advertising industry, I realized that it was not the kind of photography that I was admiring since when I was a child. For me photography is emotion, is the opportunity to show hidden faceting of the world in which we live, raising awareness about complicated issues. In 2015 I have chosen to move to Nepal where I have begun my career of documentary photographer working for an NGO which helps women victim of violence. After a couple of years, in 2017, I decided to move to Peru in order to keep working on social issues among other personal projects. After my experience in South America I moved first to Australia and then to New Zealand, where I felt the need to approach to environmental photography, working on climate change related issues. Today I strongly believe that I must use the power of photography combining the social and the environmental sphere, in order to show how we are tightly connected to our natural environment, and how our daily behavior related to our way of thinking is impacting our lives. During the last years I amcollaborating with international magazines worldwide and several of my projects have beenawarded by some prestigious international photo competitions such as PX3 (2017, State of the World 2019), International Photography Awards (2018 ,2019), MIFA (2017, 2019), TIFA (2018) and Chromatic Photography Award (2017,2019).

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