Tom Dougherty (left) and Ian Dougherty (right) are Local 88 Sandhogs. The father-and-son team cleans wood chips from the drill as they work to lay down pilings for a raised boardwalk at the Langone Park and Puopolo Playground in the North End. The drill crew dug some 60 feet into the coastline at the park’s edge for the construction of an elevated boardwalk. Langone Park and Puopolo Playground was recently redesigned and reconstructed to serve as both an outdoor recreational space and a natural buffer for flooding events. “Due to climate change I worry about the rising waters. This park actually did go underwater a couple of times due to a moon tide and also a storm surge at the same time,” says Al Khali, Field Engineer for Wes Construction. The salt water damages infrastructure and the plant life in the park. “We’re basically replacing everything that’s here with better stuff but we’re also raising it 3 ½ to 4 feet so ... it doesn’t get flooded as much,” Khali continues.

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